In the world of video production, there are endless debates about cameras, lights, and lenses. Every filmmaker has their go-to options for different projects and needs. Yet, when it comes to audio for video, most videographers seem to pretty much use the same gear for every job.

That’s not always the case of course, and it’s probably not always the best idea. However, skimping on audio is a pretty regular occurrence in the film and video world. A big reason for this might be because new audio recorders are becoming better and more multi-use than ever before.

One of the latest audio recorders to hit the market is this new Zoom R4 MultiTrak 32-bit float recorder. Let’s take a look at this new option and explore how it might be the right all-encompassing (or project-specific) audio recorder for you.

Introducing the Zoom R4

Primarily designed for musicians and full-time audio recorders, like most Zoom audio products the new Zoom R4 can still be used for video production audio needs. The Zoom R4 combines a workflow similar to a classic portable 4-track recorder, but with all the modern digital tools and features you might expect.

The Zoom R4 includes two XLR/TRS combo inputs, a built-in microphone, volume faders, a 2" color LCD, and stereo 3.5mm output for monitoring your audio while on set. Audio is recorded to microSD and cards of up to 1 TB are supported, plus you can easily mount it to a tripod or camera rig with its built-in 1/4"-20 thread.

The overall unit is pretty compact with dimensions measuring 74 x 138 x 36mm and a total weight of just 287 g with batteries. Which, speaking of, the Zoom R4 requires four AA, although you can also power it with the USB-C port on the side of the unity.

A 32-Bit Float Recorder

So, the biggest selling point for this new Zoom R4 might come down to its 32-bit float recording capabilities. With 32-bit float recording you really don’t have to worry about your audio signal clipping when on set or out in the field. The R4 should be able to capture perfect audio with every take and without the need to set gain.

Zoom has been pretty consistent with adding this technology to its latest line of Mictrack audio recorders and going forward one would expect this to be a standard feature for any audio recording needs whether those be music or video production.

Along with its clip-free recording, the R4 MultiTrak also features some helpful built-in effects which—while designed mostly for musicians of course—could be useful in certain audio-for-video recording situations where you might want to level your own EQ or add reverb or compression.

\u200bThe Zoom R4 MultiTrak in action

The Zoom R4 MultiTrak in action

Credit: Zoom

Price and Availability

Overall, the Zoom R4 MultiTrak doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel for audio recording, but it’s another solid step forward for those looking to find an all-encompassing audio recorder option for the majority of their video production needs.

Here are the full list of specs and purchase options:

  • For Musicians, Songwriters, Performers
  • 2 XLR/Combo Inputs & Built-In Microphone
  • 4-Tracks + Dedicated Bounce Track
  • Unlimited Stereo Bounces with Last Undo
  • 48 kHz / 32-Bit Float Record
  • 4 Faders, Color Screen with Metering
  • Built-In Effects
  • Built-In Loops and Rhythms
  • USB Audio Interface
  • Portable, Battery Powered

Zoom R4 MultiTrak 32-Bit Float Recorder

Capture moments of musical inspiration or audio for your video productions with the Zoom R4 MultiTrak recorder.

Jourdan Aldredge