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Virtual Sundance

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Didn’t make it to the Sundance Film Festival this year? For the flavor of what took place January 21-31 in Park City, you can rent some of the films shown, read a brief wrap-up, or watch a collection of videos filmed at the festival. Here are several behind-the-scenes vids.

Here’s an overview (and a bit of hype) about some of the changes to this year’s festival:

The Sundance YouTube account has dozens more videos from the festival, including this three-part producer’s roundtable:

And the guys from Sabi Pictures put the following videos together (in conjunction with Filmmaker Magazine and the Workbook Project):

If you’ve seen some good videos I missed, please add them in the comments. Finally, for any aspiring filmmaker, the Sundance labs (click “I am a” at lower left) are some of the most respected — and selective — grant/mentorship programs in the country.


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