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Are You Ready to Make Adobe a Utility? Creative Cloud to Launch Alongside CS6 for $50/Month

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Are you ready to add Adobe software to your stack of monthly power, cable, and water bills? Announced in October, Adobe is offering an alternative to their typical software upgrade cycle — instead of buying their forthcoming CS6 suite, you can sign up for Creative Cloud, launching “first half of 2012,” for $49.99 a month. This will get you access to the forthcoming CS6 apps, their new Touch apps, and 20GB of cloud storage. They’re also killing their old upgrade policy — partially.

CS5 and CS5.5 will be upgrade-eligible for discount CS6 pricing, but older versions of Creative Suite will not UPDATE: Adobe has since instituted a CS3/CS4 upgrade policy. There are a couple of things going on here — one is Adobe’s attempt to thwart piraters, who likely make up the majority of Adobe’s installed based worldwide. The second reason Adobe is moving to the Cloud is to integrate (and make indispensable) their online collaboration tools, like CS Live, which is complimentary until April. My guess is that Adobe will push Creative Cloud harder and harder as part of a long-term transition plan to get everyone to use not just their software but also their online extensions. If a SaaS-like model does not make sense for you, you can stick to the once-a-year (roughly) upgrade cycle, though once Adobe has moved to subscription software, they could even kill off the Creative Suite and just release apps as individual upgrades are available.

Also of note, Creative Cloud will include Lightroom 4, which comes with some vaunted video features this time around — once it exits free beta status. It always seemed wrong to me that Adobe’s $2,600 Master Collection lacked Lightroom…

Creative Cloud will launch alongside CS6 later this year, and will eventually include additional Adobe tools like Muse, Edge, Business Catalyst, Typekit, and Digital Publishing Suite. This is the beginning of a sea change in Adobe’s upgrade and sales approach — what do you think?

Link: Adobe Creative Cloud

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  • So if my internet service goes down, I close my company? My clients will really appreciate that!

  • funkydmunky on 02.13.12 @ 11:27PM

    $9.99 a month and i wouldn’t even consider pirating.
    Even with a $49 sign-up fee. Think about it Adobe. Thats $170 first year and $120 every year after. And you just eliminated your competition. Why would anyone switch after that point? And you just gained how many customers who used to pirate? Who would bother stealing when it is at $10 a month!
    At $50 bucks per/m, guess what?

  • I HATE cloud computing. People speak of the “cloud” with a kind of bizarre religious reverie. Do you know how many MBs Photoshop and After Effects alone use? The internet doesn’t have the bandwidth to host so much data. If every company began to store their apps on the cloud, no one would be able to open a program for all the traffic jams.

    The software I use in the course of my job (Maya) has decided to store their help files on the cloud. Stupid! Most freelancers work at facilities that won’t allow internet access. Autodesk is implicitly saying, “Screw you guys if you need to look up the basic functionality of your software”. Even if you’re able to get an internet connection at work, the help docs take forever to load the search database.

    Adobe is on my $#lT list as well. Their Adobe Community Help drags ass.

    I expect my software to perform to its fullest potential. Grabbing data from over an internet connection will NEVER be as fast as pulling a file from a local drive.

    Screw you, Cloud Evangelists. You’re making my job harder.

  • I can say that I am more than happy to pay $50 a month in order to have full access and constant updates to the Adobe Creative Suite. I pay $7 a month for Netflix of which I barely use and new shows are a bit lacking. In the end this pricing model will make the creative app market more competitive. Competition is good for the end user. We get to benefit from Adobe, Apple, and Avid slugging it out perpetually trying to carve out a a bigger piece of the market share pie.

    To those complaining about their apps being hosted on the cloud, I’d like to clarify that your app will live on your hardware but the CreativeCloud gives the ability to share project files much like we share files via Dropbox or Google Docs. This is a massive leap forward in productivity between coworkers and clients.

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