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Out of the Sky & Into Your Hands: DJI Introduces Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Ronin

DJI_RoninThe company known for developing and manufacturing one of the most popular unmanned aerial systems, the Phantom, DJI has decided to make their way into the handheld gimbal market. They’ve revealed a brand new handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, Ronin. Its versatile, relatively inexpensive, tool-less design lets users shoot from several different positions, allowing them to achieve different kinds of shots quickly and easily.


Here are the key features listed on DJI’s website:

  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal system
  • Supports a multitude of cameras and lenses (from micro four-thirds to RED EPIC sized)
  • Simple 5-minute setup and balance
  • Built-in tool-less balance adjustment system
  • Built-in receive and remote control available
  • Mobile Bluetooth assistant software
  • Based on DJI Zenmuse technology
  • Gimbal tuning stand
  • Firmware upgradable

The Ronin has a few very intriguing features. For one, the gimbal can be configured automatically by pressing its Auto Tune Stability (ATS) button, parameters will be intelligently adjusted based on your camera’s weight. Another great feature is its tool-less design, meant to make adjustments, setup, and tear-down faster and easier. However, the most impressive feature about the Ronin, to me, is its versatility. There are 3 different operational modes: standard, which is the typical two-handed position in which most gimbals are operated, upright, which allows the Ronin to be flipped over and operated closer to eye-level (instead of at the chest), and suspended, which is slung low to the ground for low-angle shots.

Here’s a couple of videos that show the Ronin in action, the first of which demonstrates the different operational modes:

According to Filmmaker Magazine, the Ronin has a 16 lb weight limit and will be under $5,000. To put that into perspective, compare the Ronin with its closest competitor, MōVI. The MōVI M10 (currently MōVI’s biggest guns) can carry up to 12 lbs, and the lower-end M5 costs $5,000. So, the Ronin can carry more weight than the M10, but it costs less than the M5. However, we won’t know much about how well this gimbal stabilizes images until we see some tests, so stay tuned, as I’m sure videos will start popping up over the next couple of days.

The Ronin will begin shipping by July.

Link: DJI Ronin is coming soon — DJI

[via Filmmaker Magazine]

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  • Very cool to see the price quickly coming down!

  • While I’m excited for cheaper options, I can’t help but feel part of MōVI’s price is the software. Some of the other gimbal options don’t seem to have as sophisticated of software yet. BeSteady FOUR is looking sweet though.

    • The BeSteady One has been nothing but headaches for me. Very poorly made, parts of it have broken while doing what it’s intended to be used for, and their customer service has been horrible. Four months after purchasing it I am still waiting on a part from them. The lesson I learned with these gimbals is try before you buy and make sure you buy from a company with a good track record/customer service.

      • My experience with the BeSteady One has also been awful, especially when it comes to support. However, with their recent firmware update there have been a lot of improvements. Considering it was a Kickstarter project I expected a lot of issues, but it seems like nearly all of them will be resolved by the time the BeSteady Four is shipping.

        With that said the price of this and the demo videos are incredible when compared to the current competitors. Excuse me while I scrape my jaw off the ground.

      • That’s good to know, I hadn’t heard anything bad about it before.

        • My friend ordered two of the defy gimbals, the bigger ones and he is having huge problems with it. Badly built etc. I’m happy having waited for a year…

  • Yerrrrp! looking forward to checking out some footage from this.

  • I’m still leaning towards the Came 6000. For $950 its worth the gamble

    • Came-7000 is $950 right now, it’s sturdy hold only 6.6lbs weight max. But their customer service, from China, is amazingly great. Not to mention they ship stuff via dhl. Arrive in 3 days.

  • 16 lb wait limit
    Fix it, don’t rush your posts

  • weight limit

  • Oh. From a gimbal builder that was there, he said there is still bigs on this.

  • I just sat in a workshop at NAB today where we got a sneak peak and play time with the M5 from MoVI. It is sleek, lightweight, and impressive. The rep knew answers to all our questions and it is clear that they are in the customer-happy business. I’m all for competition, but quality and service is king. Now only if I could find a spare $5k lying around…

  • This sounds very interesting indeed. A (probably) working build without having to assemble/program the thing yourself for a less ridiculous price than the Movi.

  • Here is one for DSLR tuned to your specific camera lens combo guaranteed to be as stable as this :

    around $1500 bucks depending on options.

  • I have worked with the movi and have edited red footage that was shot with it. To be honest it isn’t all that stable. the operator still needs to work hard at making sure that there is no vertical drops, cause it doesn’t correct that movement like a steadicam does. Don’t get me wrong it still does an amazing job at holding a red steady. I can’t wait to see test footage with this toy. Im pretty sure it will keep up with the movi no problem. If they said they are using the same zenmuse technoogly then it will be great. Ive been using my Phantom 2 and Zenmuse as a handheld movi as well with my GoPro and it works just as good when its up in the air.

  • In my experience DJI support has been terrible. Actually more like non-existent. I don’t know why anyone would spend that much money to support a greedy Chinese company that does not support their customers.

  • Holding off until I see how Letus Gimbal shapes up. They seem to be the only ones that understand that walk and talks are not shot from the hip and eye level doesn’t mean for dwarves.

  • You should have a look to the Newton from Swedish Chameleon :

    Great piece of rig, soon they will release even more powerful system, got it myself it’s pretty good build !

    And made in sweden :-)

    • Swedish Chameleon’s Newton:
      Lifetime warranty on mechanical parts.
      1 year warranty on electronics.

  • Some more tests. I pretty much have the new 32 bit dialed in perfectly. This is with one sensor. There is a second on for more stabilit. More stability!! I need a longer wire as I will do the second asap once I get it. I added some vimeo free music be careful with volume as there is no control to two songs in vimeo until after the fact.

    It is pretty perfect IMO.

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  • I played with this yesterday at a trade show here in Singapore and I was blown away. DJI have taken over the low end of the drone market. Now their new S1000 that flies a 5D will take over the high end of the drone market. Their technology is simply superior. Now with the Ronin they will take over the stabiliser market. I’m sure of it. I was very impressed when I met the guys who run it yesterday. To call them a “greedy Chinese company that doesn’t care about their customers” is rather racist, folks. Nearly everything we buy in the US is made in China now, but they are usually cheap knock offs. DJI has pushed the envelope on everything that they do and while they are not perfect they are at the head of the pack. They will lead the stabiliser market with this and future products. I’m sure of it. I’ll buy one as soon as its available. But I’d really like to see a smaller one that is just for the DSLRs as this is a bit overkill for that camera.

  • Well, I just went out and dropped 5 grand on the DJI. Honestly, I have no idea what their post installation support is like, but I’m sure I’ll find out. But after looking at every system on the market, I’m taking a shot on the Ronin. I’d love to buy a Movi, because I’ve seen them and they’re really fantastic (sure, not as good as a steadicam in all shots, but every tool has it’s place). But 4500 bucks VS 15000 bucks for the same capabilities isn’t a competition — this is real money I have to earn — so DJI it is. If they keep delivering the value, I’ll keep being a customer.

  • John O'Regan on 07.14.14 @ 4:16AM

    I must say first, I am a Movi owner, and it is very expensive, that’s for sure, but what your buying into is reliability and great customer care from Freefly, unfortunately DJI as we know, have a terrible reputation for treating there customers with contempt, and as an industry professional on set, you need to feel confident that, if there a problem, you can ring a customer care centre and get a response, because time is money, in this game, i can appreciate it’s all about the cost and what you can afford, i hope DJI steps up to the plate, and supports all you guys.