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Sony Announces F5 to F55 Upgrade, FS700 Zoom Lens Support & Optical Adapter for B4 to PL

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No Film School with Sony at NAB 2014Holding true to their philosophy to make the F5/F55 remain viable for a long time to come, Sony have introduced an upgrade that effectively turns your F5 into an F55. For the FS700, Sony are releasing a free FS700 firmware upgrade for E-mount zoom lens support. Also, for those of us with a few B4 lenses sitting around, Sony has announced a new 2-part optical B4 to PL adapter with an electronic lens interface. Hit the jump for our interview with Sony on the NAB floor:

This means that anyone who purchased an F5 for budgetary reasons can now take the step up if they so choose. Overview at a glance:

The F5 -> F55 upgrade includes:

  • Upgrades the image sensor with a global shutter
  • Hardware and software changes to turn the F5 into an F55
  • Pricing TBA

Free FS700 upgrade:

  • Firmware support for Sony’s E-mount zoom lenses
  • No geometric distortion
  • Shading correction
  • Coming later this year

The B4 S16 PL Adapter:

  • Adapts B4 lenses into the PL mount
  • Single element Optical converter with 1.3x magnification
  • For Cooke, Arri & Fujinon B4 lenses, etc
  • Electronic lens interface function

Sony Announces F5 to F55 upgrade and Optical B4 to PL Adapter

Join the discussion in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our NAB master post for all the latest tech announcements from Vegas.

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  • these things are so much more vaiuable than keeping up with the Joneses and all this new 4K cameras coming out the wood work.

  • Updating perfectly good equipment?? pshhhhh. These guys at Sony need to talk to the folks at Blackmagic. People don’t want lasting value they want headlines…. show stoppers…. screw the early adopters. Sorry I’m done, and I do feel a bit better. Thank you. I’m going to rent one of these Sonys and give it a test run. They won me over with continued customer care and product refinement.

    • hahaha! So true! – Definitely plan to shoot with the F55, It’s personally my favourite camera on the market today.

  • Anthony Marino on 04.9.14 @ 6:28PM

    Impressive stuff. Happy Sony included a little something for the fs700 too. Was hoping for 10-bit recording to the hxr-fmu but hey at least they’re listening. Nice review

  • This is how it’s done. Good guy Sony.

  • these people smirk and pride themselves on not having any pricing information or knowing when anything is coming out.

  • Hey Canon, are you listening??? You should do this with the C100 and C300!
    I’d kill a kitten for 10bit 4:4:4 and 1080 60p on my C300.

    • Eh, what they need is to release a new camera, even if inside essentially the same body. Canon has been doing it in the photo realm for ages – 1D, 5D, etc – and there’s no reason that they can’t put together C 100/300/500 replacements across the board, bringing them in line in terms if both quality/performance and the price with their competitors. Of which, there are now many.
      Sony should, obviously, do the same thing but it’s harder for them not to do this piecemeal since new designs are finished whenever they are finished. Canon, on the other hand, should be able to separate the Cinema products from the hybrids quite easily. As to FS700, while it’s always a good practice to please the existing owners, A7s+Shogun combo for (an estimated) $5K will outperform the $13K FS700+Q7 combo on a number of fronts and, aside of high frame rates, will arguably deliver a similar final product for a lot less. But I don’t see Sony lowering the FS700 prices just yet.

      • Anthony Marino on 04.10.14 @ 12:13AM

        There’s no way in Gods creation you can say the A7s out performs the fs700. 12bit vs 8bit. Maybe out of the box the A7s has a better look, to each their own but when I’m running and gunning and my exposure fluctuates I’m gonna need post. I’d much rather reach for it with a decked out fs700 than an A7s. Believe me I understand the excitement but when it comes down to brass tacks for the type of work I do I need the NDs, 240fps RAW and bit depth.

        • I understand, Anthony but, just because your needs are such, doesn’t mean everyone’s needs are as well. A lot of folks don’t need the uncompressed 4K Raw and a gaggle of very expensive Q7 SSD’s but they might need the low light capabilities of the A7s sensor with Shogun’s 4K ProRes and its off-the-shelf drives. You’re shooting a night scene out in a street or a concert in a small club or a party at a restaurant and FS700 will need some lights. A7s should do just fine with the practicals. And Shogun lets you do an hour in 4K onto a 1 TB drive. You can’t do hours in 4K onto Q7 because the Convergent Design media is too darn expensive. It’s horses for courses and many will be happy with A7s.
          And, as I said visavis FS-700, its replacement should offer internal 4K ProRes and XAVC, with HFPS and offer all of it for around $5K. Its price ought to reflect reality of the day. When 1D C came on the market, it was $15K and now it’s $10K. Did FS-700 price go down commensurately? I think not.

          • Teuvo Pakkanen on 04.10.14 @ 7:07AM

            1dc was 12k when introduced.

          • Teuvo, this is from just about two years ago -
            “The EOS-1D C will be available in 2012 (though no more specific a time frame was mentioned) at a suggested retail price of $15,000.”

          • Anthony Marino on 04.10.14 @ 9:45AM

            I agree DLD the A7s will perform on multiple levels better than a lot of cameras more exspensive. But as far as replacing anything that can be further pushed in post I just don’t see happening with this camera, especially if you need it for a run and gun situation (more exspensive or not) hey its a great a/b/c cam depending on your needs. At this stage of my career I need footage I can push plus I got so use to the built in NDs. But I’ll give it this much and say if Sony made it a 10 or 12 bit camera with xavc/raw I wouldn’t look back, it would even compete against the F5. I waited 1 1/2 years for higher bit rates out of the fs700, if it never happened I would’ve gotten rid of it a year ago.

          • Well, that’s just the thing. Sony won’t cannibalize F5 sales just yet. They’re obviously working on new designs but might wait on their introductions until they are forced to do so, most likely by their competitors. In their defense, one has to say that their upgrades are fairly inexpensive – both with hardware and firmware, the latter of which is mostly free – to improve the units overall functionality.

  • I’ve preorderd the GH4 (I’m not rich at all and wanna future proof as much as possible) but IF I was in a position to use a fully fledged Pro video camera, I’d probably plump for an F5 or F55. It seems to be a bit of a dark horse in the market. I’ve seen too many opinions from people who shoot with it say it’s a beautiful camera all round. I’ve even seen people hold it in higher regard than the C300.