How are you transcoding your DSLR video these days? If you're editing in Premiere Pro CS5, are you even transcoding at all? No matter your NLE, there are several options for transcoding, like Magic Bullet Grinder, the still-in-beta 5DtoRGB, and Canon's own EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro. It looks like Canon's going to be adding some interesting features to their free solution:

EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro version 1.1 will add to the recently released Plug-in-E1 by providing support for the Canon EOS 60D, the latest addition to the EOS range. The plug-in will allow users to view metadata and EXIF data for movie files. It will also provide support for multi-core processing, allowing even faster conversations with the latest generation of Macs.

Wait, the old version didn't support multiple cores? Well that's certainly a feature worth upgrading for. The plugin isn't yet released, but it should be here next month. In the meantime, why not try out the free beta of 5DtoRGB, which claims higher quality output than Canon's solution?

[via DPreview]