I've covered a forthcoming DSLR post-production plugin known as 5DtoRGB before here (be sure to read the comments on that post for more info), but I would still call the plugin "little-known." This is because the software -- which transcodes DSLR footage to high-quality ProRes and DPX files -- is still in beta. The previous version was restricted to processing a small number of clips, and only the first few seconds of each clip would be transcoded. However, Rarevision stopped by to let us know that the new version has no such restrictions. If they can deliver on the following featureset, I have a feeling the plugin will no longer be "little-known":

  • Panasonic Lumix GH1 support (video only)
  • Full support for Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
  • Higher quality output than Canon's E1 plugin [compare]
  • Higher quality output than QuickTime Player or FCP [compare]
  • ProRes 4444, 422 HQ/LT/Proxy Support
  • DPX output for visual effects / green screen work
  • Raw YCbCr output option for unprocessed luma channel extraction
  • Output luminance matte as an alpha channel (ProRes 4444 only)
  • Timecode support (extracts Exif timestamp from THM files)

This could be the absolute best-quality plugin available for DSLRs anywhere. As someone who plans on shooting a feature film on a 5D, I'm extremely interested. However, 5DtoRGB requires a 64-bit Intel processor, which, until I finish assembling my forthcoming Hac Pro (the parts are in the mail), I don't have. So I'm reliant on you guys for testing -- let me know how the footage from this new beta looks!

Link: 5DtoRGB by Rarevision