Our-list-of-the-best-free-mac-downloads-224x184Lifehacker is currently running a great series called "Lifehacker Packs," wherein they round up all their favorite applications for the iOS, Android, and Mac platforms (no Windows love yet). Many of these applications are free, and each post is a great resource for anyone looking to add some creative/productive/fun tools to their computerized lives. The compilations are aimed at anyone, not just filmmakers (the full links are at the bottom of this post), but I've grabbed a number of relevant apps (and Lifehacker blurbs) for independent creatives:


Iphone apps-1SketchbookWhile SketchBook is the sort of app that excels on a big screen, like the iPad's, it's nonetheless a great drawing app on the iPhone. When you're done, you can even export a PSD or the flattened image.

Iphone apps-2SimplenoteSimplenote allows for speedy note entry on your iPhone, plus it syncs with the likewise free Simplenote service so your notes are always available wherever you want them.

Iphone appsHipstamaticHipstaMatic aims to emulate old cameras and film stocks, providing some pretty compelling results. But be warned: it's one of those apps that can get pretty addictive, and you can shell out $1 each time you want to try out a new lens or flash.


Android apps-1mNoteThe mNote app is, at least, a notes app for Androids that usually don't have one built in, with the added benefit of those notes constantly saving themselves and being easily accessible everywhere else.

Android apps-2AndroPanTake a series of calm, steady shots across a plane, then load them into Andropan to stitch them together into one big masterwork of wide-angle imagery.

Android appsAstrid TasksAstrid is a simple to-do manager into which you simply start typing, add context if you want to, then save. You can create advanced filters in Astrid, sync it to your Remember the Milk account for access on the web, and, most helpfully, Astrid is an extremely tenacious beast that won't stop reminding, beeping, and buzzing you until certain very important tasks are done.


Mac downloads-1Notational VelocityThis brilliant little note-taking application creates, searches, tags, and syncs plain text notes between desktops, the web, and even your iPhone

Mac downloads-2HandbrakeGot a DVD you'd like to rip to your hard drive in a high-quality, portable-device-friendly format? Turn to the extremely popular, always handy Handbrake.

Mac downloadsSeashorePhotoshop may be the gold standard for image editing, but if all you need to do is some basic photo editing and you don't want to fire up an industrial workhorse to get it done, Seashore is a handy tool to have on hand.

Of course we've covered some apps before here at No Film School, but a much larger directory is on my to-do list. Here are the full Lifehacker articles:

From the list above, I'm a regular user of Astrid and Handbrake. How about you, what apps are you finding indispensable in your everyday life?