Rolling-shutter-224x92We all know one of the chief drawbacks to shooting with (current generation) DSLRs are the rolling shutter artifacts that show up on shaky or fast-panning shots. It turns out that iMovie '11, in addition to interesting movie trailer templates, includes a filter that can decrease or eliminate these annoying artifacts. Here's a comparison from Nino Leitner of some Canon T2i footage, before and after using the iMovie '11 filter:

Philip Bloom also posted a tutorial for how to use the filter controls:

In his words, You know why you do those whip pans and the lines are all skewed? It’s horrible. Well after a very simple quick test with some extreme footage I have to say I am pretty damn impressed. It worked fast and made the skew way less pronounced. Yes, still visible as my example is pretty extreme but that is the point. Presumably this filter -- or a more advanced version -- will make its way into the next version of Final Cut Pro. By which time the next generation of DSLRs and other CMOS cameras will be out, hopefully alleviating many of these issues the real way, with faster CMOS reset times.