5510579922_62d49b6c68-224x117A camera is really only as good as what you put in front of it. So while I was disappointed in some of the first RED EPIC footage to hit the web, I did suggest that it wasn't the camera's fault: drab brown interiors or ski slopes on an overcast day don't fully demonstrate what a camera is capable of. A nice sunset over water with birds flying in slow motion, on the other hand, makes for a good showcase. Here's the video embedded (make sure you're watching it in HD, and keep in mind you can click on the vimeo title to download it in 1080p:

UPDATE: I had seen one shot from the following video, but I wasn't aware the graded piece had been posted. This is pretty much how things look around my apartment on an average day (JK):

Both clips look pristine. I imagine I'm not the only indie wondering when the EPIC-S version will be available.

[Thanks, Bob and Martin]