Cooke-224x125Inspiration Studios, the same guys who brought us this humorous comparison of the ARRI ALEXA and RED EPIC, are back at it with a look at the high-end Cooke 5/i prime lenses. These aren't lenses for DSLR or DIY filmmaking, but it's an entertaining video (with a foray into NSFW territory):

While the 5/i lenses aren't priced to own, Cooke does make the more affordable Panchro lenses, which are PL-mount primes priced at around double that of the Zeiss CP.2 lenses. This makes the Panchros appropriate for RED shooters (and perhaps Sony F3 shooters); the Panchros share many of the same characteristics as the 5/i lenses, seen above, but are two stops slower.

[via FreshDV]