Canonmystery-224x116Today Canon pre-announced an announcement -- which they're calling "historic" -- to take place in Hollywood on November 3rd. What would be hilarious is if they show up in Tinseltown and announce a new line of inkjet printers. But because it's Hollywood, hopefully it will have something to do with, you know, movies. In the "proper video camera with large sensor" market, Sony has their FS100 and F3, and Panasonic has their AF100. As of right now, Canon has nothing. Just saying! Here's their teaser:


That's it. No one knows anything more, though in the past few days there have been rumors of a 4K Super35 camcorder for $15K floating around. Canon could also disappoint everyone and launch a short film collaboration with Ron Howard (no offense, Ron). There is no link to use below because there is no more information other than "historic" and "Hollywood." But if you were thinking of buying any of the aforementioned Sony or Panasonic cameras, it might behoove you to wait a couple of months (and if you were wondering why RED has been rapidly revamping their lineup lately, perhaps they know something we don't). And that's why Canon dropped this information-free teaser: so people don't buy camcorders from their competitors in the meantime. Competition = good. Oh, and where's Nikon in this fight? Making even less information announcements. But Nikon isn't a video camera company. Canon is and they've been conspicuously absent for quite some time...

[via Engadget]