Since Canon announced their new flagship DSLR, the EOS-1D X, I haven't had much luck finding video samples from the camera. Thanks to Engadget there's a hands-on video below, which demonstrates the size of the camera (like all 1D cameras, it's much larger than the 5D form factor). But as far as sample videos go I've only seen one to date -- please share in the comments if you've seen others! The sample video is embedded below, and there is a 960x540 version at the Canon Japan site as well. As far as promo videos go, this is a strange one:

And here's the Engadget hands-on, which covers photo functions and ergonomics (listen to that 14 FPS still mode!):

There are still rumors floating about that Canon will announce the 5D Mark III at their November event, but I doubt that will be the case, given Canon will want to give their flagship DSLR camera some room to breathe before bringing its new abilities to a lower price point. Instead, we'll probably see a $10-15K 4K pro camcorder (or two).

[via Engadget]