Uncle-marv-224x126The New York Film Festival is running this week and next, and I was fortunate enough to participate yesterday in the wonderful Emerging Visions program put on by IFP and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. An amazing day of panels with industry veterans, on-stage pitch sessions, and a sit-down meeting with my assigned mentor, Doug Liman (!), concluded with the sponsor, RBC, showing these spots. Though they're just ads made for TIFF, they speak to the No Film School ethos perfectly and humorously:

Indeed, that could be the slogan of No Film School: learn how to to DIY, "because not everyone has an uncle in the business." Directed by Mark Gilbert.

Also, since we're on the topic of "things going on in NYC" this week, if you're in the city, look for the below spot and several others playing on the TVs in the back of NYC taxicabs as part of a future of film today series of profiles. Indie film in cabs, how cool is that?!? I need to take a taxi for the full experience! Though, thankfully, the cab doesn't use this lazy-eyed poster frame of me:

Directed by Jamie Stuart, hat tip to Scott Macaulay at Filmmaker Magazine and Zack Lieberman. And a heartfelt thanks to everyone at IFP and the Film Society of Lincoln Center for the phenomenal Emerging Visions program!