We-are-hiring-224x173UPDATE: the application form is now closed. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned for future opportunities!

As a writer/director I’ve done my best to learn a bit about every aspect of filmmaking, but I want to bring on more writers -- with different areas of expertise -- in order to take No Film School to the next level. I believe this site can become an even more valuable resource with a proper team. So after two years of building this site myself, it's time to expand into a site with multiple bylines. Interested in a part-time job writing about something you love? Read on.

These are part-time jobs with a lot of room to grow. In fact, I can show you better than I can tell you; here's the traffic to date at this site, which I need not remind you has been run part-time by just one person (so far!):


Okay, so the site's growing. Want to "get in on the ground floor," as they say? Here are the three main things you should have, in order to become part of the NFS team:

  1. Credibility in film -- whether that be in producing, cinematography, editing, directing, screenwriting, post-production, or some combination of the above. You don't need to have 60 credits on your IMDB page, but you do need real-world experience and/or an education from which to draw.
  2. The ability to write well. Blogging isn’t Shakespeare, but it also shouldn’t be typo-laden, and I have and will try to hold No Film School to a higher standard than most blogs.
  3. Any other skills are a bonus. I never could’ve taken the site this far if I only did one thing, so multi-hyphenates are welcome -- so long as you have at least one topic about which you feel authoritative and passionate enough to write about every day.

In this job, your tasks could consist of:

  • Reading the film/video news every day, blogging top stories
  • Watching shorts and web series to find good content to share
  • Responding to comments, answering emails
  • Getting free loaners of gear to test on shoots
  • Writing reviews of that gear
  • Contacting other authors, filmmakers, etc. looking for guest posts
  • Recording video tutorials and reviews
  • Shooting and/or editing behind-the-scenes videos
  • Brainstorming about the future of film, the internet, and planet Earth

You can do these things from anywhere in the world. You can do them in your underwear. You don't have to deal with the expense or hassle of commuting. You don't have to stare at cubicle walls that are probably, depressingly, beige. And you'll hopefully learn a lot by working with me! And vice versa.

This is a PAID position -- part-time to start, with a lot of future opportunities. You are not going to get rich writing blog posts, but I will ensure the position is competitive with major blogs (despite this site's small size and startup status). You should be able to commit to writing posts every day -- if you're already really busy and could only contribute a few posts a month, please DO NOT apply at this time.

Also, if you're applying to write for NFS, then you should understand that beyond the short-term pay, there are a lot of other long-term benefits. By this I'm referring to the kind of exposure that comes with getting your name out there, the kind of secondary opportunities (see: the No Film School Manifesto) that come about because of consistent exposure and commitment, and the kind of creative self-improvement that results from paying close attention to the filmmaking world and thinking about it every day.

To apply for the job, email jobs@nofilmschool.com with the subject line "Writing position." Don't write a long cover letter or anything, I'm just looking for these two things initially:

  1. Include links to your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Even if I already know you, I want at least one of these links!
  2. Attach a resume (don't include it in-line). I'm not hugely interested in how up-to-date or impressive it is, but please attach something that demonstrates your background and shows you're serious.

DO NOT write to this email address if you are interested in writing guest posts, or if you could only commit to a few posts a month. Also DO NOT write to this address if you are interested in being a designer, developer, assistant, intern, any position on Man-child, or anything other than a regular blogger for this site. There will definitely be more opportunities for these kinds of things going forward... just not right now.

DO write if you are motivated, smart, positive, organized, creative, and you recognize the opportunity this represents -- not just in terms of where the site is today but where it could go in the future! This has been a long time coming, and I look forward to hearing from you.