Red-scarlet-canon-4k-224x104At 3pm PST, Canon will announce their new professional motion picture camcorder(s). At 6pm PST, RED will do the same. The latest rumors are that Canon will announce two camcorders, one EF and one PL mount, and that the name (according to this store, at least, is the Canon EOS 300C (which I have my doubts about)). Meanwhile RED's Jim Jannard has been alternately hyping and managing expectations for their SCARLET. Stay tuned tonight for the official announcements, but in the meantime here are the latest rumored specs of what's coming from Canon:

  • EF lens mount
  • Dual CF Card Slots
  • Built in ND filters
  • Super35mm Sensor
  • HDMI and HDSDI output
  • Hot shoe mounted HD monitor
  • Dual XLR audio inputs
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Full HD uncompressed output via HD-SDI connector

This specs list pegs the camera's resolution at 1080p, but as I mentioned before, Canon is taking 4K seriously, as you can see in this year-old video from Jared Abrams (check out his Kickstarter campaign!):

We'll see at 6pm Eastern, and then just hours later we'll hear from RED. Stay tuned!


[via Canon Rumors]