Hackintosh-lionOne of the reasons I haven't updated my How to Build a Hackintosh guide (which, I should note, is even more popular now than the DSLR Cinematography Guide -- probably because most people have the PDF of the Guide and don't need to visit the latter as often) is that my machine has been working perfectly and so I haven't feel the need to constantly search for new components. However, I recently upgraded my machine to OS X Lion (it's working great), and so I also updated the guide to reflect an easy way to do it, courtesy Unibeast from Tonymac:

The guide has been updated to reflect the latest hardware recommendations and OS X Lion instructions. My machine's currently running OS X 10.7.2 flawlessly.

UPDATE: the upgrade to Lion seems to have broken the ability to use external ESATA drives. More as I discover why this is. There may also be some issues with hard drives (not because of Hackintoshing, but because of Lion itself) -- see this comment.

Link: How to Build a Hackintosh