Whether you're using the correct ISO's on your camera, a "film style" shutter speed, or a grading friendly picture style -- using the right settings will affect your ability to get the image you want out of your camera.  It's with this in mind that Vincent Laforet shares his recommended settings for getting quality, gradable, filmic footage out of Canon HDSLRs:

First, here's a video by Jon Carr showing how to change the settings on your 5D Mark II to those recommended by Laforet, along with a comparison of three picture styles -- Standard, Laforet's Recommendation, and Technicolor CineStyle:

It would have been cool to see 'Similaar Flaat' thrown in there, but seeing as the test didn't look at skin tones it's just as well.  For folks wondering why you would want such a "flat" image, Laforet explains:

"The idea is to capture the flattest image possible with the most amount of detail and range of exposure possible.  Given that the Canon 5Ds compress the video image (it’s not capturing RAW) – you need to make sure you don’t crush the blacks or blow out the highlights as you won’t be able to correct for that in post.    You can always add contrast and saturation back to an image in post- doing the opposite is significantly more difficult."

Of course, as with any recommendation, your results may vary depending on your needs and preferences; but if you're looking for a good starting point for flexible film-like footage these settings look pretty solid.

For more of Laforet's reasoning behind his set-up check out his full write up.  What are your preferred settings?  Have you found any other picture styles that work well for you?  Let us know!

[via Vincent Laforet]