Compare_flaat1_4-224x112Picture profiles have taken HDSLRs to another level in terms of getting a gradeable image out of our favorite low-cost hybrid cameras. As far as Canon DSLRs are concerned, Technicolor CineStyle is the official "flat" setting and a top user-created choice is Marvels Cine, out of which I've had problems getting useable skin tones (but I have not tried the latest version, designed to fix this). Joining the fray is new entrant Similaar Flaat, by No Film School frequenter Samuel Hurtado, which is designed to offer a similarly flat setting with improved skin tones. There are a number of profiles, so grab them yourself and see if it's worthy of the extra "a"...

Samuel has prepared an impressive set of charts and skin tone tests, but test video is "on the way."

These picture styles are heavily optimized for my T2i. I think they'll work just as well on all the Canon DSLRs that share that same 18 Mpix sensor and Digic IV processor (7D, 60D, 600D-T3i, 550D-T2i), but I'm not so sure about the 5D2 or 1D4. If you have one of those, you can test yourself (and maybe keep me posted:

In the meantime all I could find is this very brief shot of a moon UPDATE: Samuel has posted a results video, what do you think?

If you have any tests of your own, please share!

Link: Flaat Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs - Similaar