I've never really seen a game of any kind that could possibly help me become a better filmmaker -- that is, until now. If you're brand new to color correction, or even any sort of graphic art where color is involved, there is now a game called Color that will help you improve your skills.

Steve Hullfish over at ProVideo Coalition discovered the game, and rightly he mentions that it could improve your skills at color correction by forcing you to quickly and efficiently match colors in hue and saturation. Here's a quote from Steve about the game:

Trying to see and match colors is critical to a colorist. Also, as I played numerous iterations of the game, I realized that my eyes must have a specific deficiency in a hue range that is just on the magenta side of red. I was getting perfect and very good scores all the way around the color wheel, but in that specific area I was rarely getting very good scores.

While this might seem like a negative, it's good to know whether you have any deficiencies in your vision, especially if you're going to be coloring. It might hurt a little to know that your vision isn't as perfect as you thought it was, but there have been plenty of people with deficiencies who have succeeded in the film industry. Regardless, this is going to improve your skills at recognizing colors that work together, and it's an important skill to develop. The game gets much harder as you advance, since it starts simply with hue and saturation, and then adds complimentary, analogous, ternary, and quaternary. I had a few perfects early on, but ternary starts to get very difficult, and quaternary is downright hard.

The game comes from a website called Method of Action which is aimed at teaching design to analytic and logical thinkers (people like me, actually). Their other two games, Kern Type, and Shape Type, are more design-based, but still fun if you're interested in this field. Either way, the Color game is a great way to improve your skills after you learn your camera, take some video, and begin the editing process.

Post your color score below if you're feeling competitive!

Links: Color Game & Method of Action

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Source: ProVideo Coalition