We've covered plenty of tutorials before, but most recently, we featured a particularly useful interview lighting demonstration from stillmotion, which is designed to be a complement to their SMAPP iPhone application. This application was conceived to teach new filmmakers about all of the creative choices that going to making different types of videos. Embedded below we've got another tutorial, but this time instead of interview lighting, we are introduced to a deconstruction of creative film lighting and how different lighting setups can be used to enhance the mood of a scene.

SMAPP Tutorial - Deconstructing Lighting A Scene:

One important point to note about the CTB (color temperature blue) gel, if you are using a full CTB, it will cut the power of the Tungsten light by about two-thirds, so if you are trying to use Tungsten lights indoors and match them to daylight, keep in mind that they have to be much more powerful in order compensate for the light lost. This is one of the big reasons why HMIs can be so important, because their natural daylight balance not only prevents you from having to gel Tungsten lights, but they are also more power efficient than Tungsten lights, and the penalty for gelling the opposite way - HMI with CTO (color temperature orange) - is a lot less.

If you're interested in what the SMAPP application is all about, here's a video with explaining one of the key features, Get Creative:

Links: stillmotion & SMAPP