Shot-lister-live-mode-224x141We've all used shot lists on set (or most of us, anyway), and the one inevitability with all shot lists is that they're going to change. Whether you're way behind or way ahead, shot lists help you and the Assistant Director (if you have one) figure out where and when you'll be shooting next. It's usually a given that something will have to change with the shot list and it'll be crossed out or erased and rewritten. It's amazing that in 2012 this is still predominately how things are done for one simple reason: because it works. Well, a new iOS app called Shot Lister wants to change the way we've been doing things for the last 100 years of cinema, and it's got a few tricks up its sleeve that just might convince you.

If you don't find that nifty then you've been fortunate to be on schedule and do everything in exactly the same order (unlikely). The live mode is truly what separates this app from anything else on the market. Not only can it move shots around and create them in real-time, but it will tell you if whether you're ahead, behind, or cruising right along on schedule. A piece of paper will do the same thing, but an AD can only express so much urgency before it falls on deaf ears -- actually seeing a shot list with your day slowly slipping away in real-time is quite a different thing.

They've also uploaded a very in-depth tutorial to help get you acquainted with the app:

The flexibility that this can give you is remarkable. It's often that the entire crew doesn't want or need a piece of paper that's probably going to change anyway, but actually being able to send them up-to-date (assuming they have smart phones with email) shot lists might actually make the whole day run a little smoother (unless you're running very, very far behind).

Shot Lister is available right now in the iTunes app store and will work on a wide variety of iOS devices, from the 3GS to the iPod touch. It will remain $10 for at least another week (which I think is a steal), and will likely go back up to $20 at some point -- so if you want to get in on the action for a decent price, hurry on over to the app store. As of right now it is only available on iOS, but it does feature full Retina display support, so you can take full advantage of those newfangled resolutions on the new iPad.

We've already seen some pretty intuitive or clever iOS apps that can help filmmakers, but what do you think of Shot Lister? Does anyone else have any other scheduling apps they like, or prefer to use -- and if so, could you be a Shot Lister convert? Let us know.

Links: Shot Lister - iTunes App Store & Shot Lister - Website

[via Filmmaking Stuff]