If you're a RED owner or you've been following the company, you know that they're constantly updating their hardware and software to add more functionality as well as fix bugs. One of the bigger releases recently was an update to their color science which included a new color preset that supposedly can give great results without much fiddling. It should be noted that the other cameras competing in the high-end cinema space, the Sony F65 and the Arri Alexa, have both also been receiving a steady stream of firmware updates that also add functionality. For example, the F65 added playback in-camera not too long ago -- so it's clear that these high-resolution cameras require a bit more engineering since they are basically computers with lenses. For what's new in version 3.3, check out the video below:

Here is a partial list of everything that is new in this version:

  • Added Pro IO Support (Video, Audio, Timecode, Sync, Genlock, GPIO and PWR)
  • Added Pro IO Power Control
  • Added Pro IO and Camera Audio Output Mix Control
  • Added Audio Playback
  • Added HD-SDI and HDMI Audio
  • Added Pro IO HD-SDI audio on PREVIEW and PLAYBACK
  • Added Overlay Menu on left/right side of touch screen (Soft Keys)
  • Added Preset RUN on internal actions (Startup, Preview->Playback, Playback->Preview)
  • Added Yellow GEN icon on cross-locking
  • Added Frame Guide Menus
  • Added Lookaround support
  • Added higher frame rates 312,325,330,336,350,360,375,384,390
  • Enhanced Camera/Pro IO Overlay Selection
  • Enhanced Camera/Pro IO Video Output Format Selection
  • Enhanced UI usability
  • Enhanced AF and Iris control capability

Obviously some of the bigger improvements are the compatibility with the new Pro IO box, and the ability of the camera to send out audio through both HDMI and HD-SDI, as well as during playback. As always, they have also figured out a way to squeeze out a few more frames from the firmware, and the camera is capable of even higher frame rate options. Keep in mind if you're a Scarlet or Epic owner that this is a beta release. You can download the new versions as well as the latest stable release using the links below.