While it seems that Premiere gets most of the attention these days, there are still plenty of users who are cutting their work on Final Cut Pro X. Regardless of the reason, FCPX can be a little quirky in how it deals with audio and video, and some functions are slightly different than they were in Final Cut Pro 7. In this tutorial from Steve Martin of Ripple Training, learn how to remove unwanted sounds from your audio in Final Cut Pro X.

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While the actual idea behind removing the problem audio is relatively similar editor to editor, it's a good look at how to do it using Final Cut Pro X. It's always important to remember whenever you're at a location to get as much extra sound as you can. Room tone can be very important, as well as getting tones of things like the hum from a lighting fixture. All of these can be used to create a noise pattern that can then be cancelled out in the final audio. As for physically getting rid of bad audio, laying down that room tone is going to help cover that cut you just made.

The best practice is to get the best audio you can on set, but if that's not possible, sound design and room tone can help hide mistakes and make your overall product that much better.

Link: Ripple Training

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