Canon-eos-1d-x-c-2There's been some speculation recently that the yet-to-be released Canon EOS-1D C is internally identical to the $6800 Canon 1D X, and that the 1D C's 4K resolution ability is simply a matter of superior firmware. Note the $7000 more you'd pay for the 1D C, and it becomes easy to see why this notion could be upsetting to some Canon shooters. Of course, given the limited experience the camera community has with the 1D C, speculation is about the best we can do at the moment. A recent post at Canon Rumors, however, may offer some insight to prospective 1D C buyers who might be disheartened by the "twin" rumors. Read on for more details.

Here's an excerpt of Canon Rumor's post on the subject:

I have spent considerable time trying to find someone at Canon to clarify the reports as well as someone to open their EOS-1D C (no one would do that for me!). The information I have received backs up what Canon said at the development announcement of the EOS-1D C, it does in fact have a different hardware configuration inside. While the DIGIC V processors, image sensor and AF module are all identical to the EOS-1D C, there is in fact “reworked circuitry and design to dissipate heat for the 4K recording”.

Interestingly the hardware that is the same, according to the post -- particularly the sensor and processors -- may be the first pieces you'd logically think (not that all of us are video engineers here or anything, but bear with me) would differ between 4K-capable and 1080p-maximum cameras. After all, if those same processors and imager can perform at a 4K level within a different camera, you'd think the 1D X could theoretically also achieve 4K video -- and then probably just overheat or maybe even melt something important really quickly.

I understand why it may be frustrating to own a camera whose innards could be shooting 4K, but can't given the current configuration. Keep in mind -- regardless of what hardware, or firmware, is necessary for allowing the sensor and the DIGIC Vs to achieve their full potential in spatial resolution -- Canon seeks to put a 4K DSLR in our hands. I'd say it's almost unfair to criticize them for how they're doing that, or for not enabling a less expensive camera with some key shared traits to achieve as much. I don't think it's about what parts are the same, or what new parts or new firmware we're paying for: what we're paying for is the final product -- the ability to shoot 4K video.

Personally (not that I can afford it), I think the difference between 4K and 1080p is worth at least $7000. Does anybody else feel the same way? Or do you think the 1D C is really just an unfairly priced, superficially-upgraded 1D X?

Link: The Canon EOS-1D C is Different Than the EOS-1D X on the Inside -- Canon Rumors