Film-riot-filmmaking-sites-224x125We know we're not the only game in town when it comes to filmmaking websites -- far from it, actually -- as there are lots of sites out there that share tons of great content. The often informative Revision3 web show Film Riot (hosted by Ryan Connolly) has been featured on this site before, most notably with a tutorial for a DIY slider. Now Ryan takes a look at some of his favorite filmmaking websites in the video below.

Here are the links to his top 10 sites:

  1. Tom Guilmette
  2. Philip Bloom
  3. Vincent Laforet
  4. Shane Hurlbut
  5. Red Giant TV
  6. Video Copilot
  7. AEtuts
  8. Filmmaker IQ
  9. No Film School (If you click here you might get caught in an infinite loop...but not really)
  10. FXPHD

These are all really fantastic websites (not speaking for ourselves, obviously), and if you're a filmmaker, it would definitely benefit you to visit all of them every day (it's part of my daily routine). We do share stories from many of these sites, though not all of them by any stretch, so if you've got the time, and you're hungry for more film info and tutorials, I highly recommend visiting all of them as often as possible.

We already asked you guys and gals what you'd like to see in the next version of No Film School, and we're working hard to make many of those changes happen (like having more tutorials and video content, and a new design that will help facilitate more content and foster a better community atmosphere). Now we'd like to know, what are some of your favorite filmmaking sites? What are the links you can't live without, and you feel offer insightful pieces of information about filmmaking every single day? How about some sites that may not be directly related to filmmaking, but are inspiring to you creatively?

Feel free to post as many as you'd like in the comments.

Link: Film Riot