Husbands-dream-224x125I'm as guilty as anyone of falling under the spell of the technically complex or epic-in-scale music video, perhaps sometimes at the expense of those that take a more straightforward approach in their filmmaking techniques. That being said, every once in a while a video comes along with such a beautifully un-fussy yet effective concept that you can't help but applaud the clarity of its construction. The Cauboyz video for Husbands' track Dream definitely fits that bill:

On initial view I took Dream to be a multi-layered After Effects type project but in reality the French duo, who consists of photographer Bertrand Jamot and a graphic designer Philippe Tytgat, took a more physical approach to the film's creation, positioning the signs in a frame and wiring them up to a control panel as can be seen in the making-of video:

Dream appears to be the latest fix on Cauboyz's longterm addiction to translating lyrics into physically manifested typography; whether that's as can labels for The Black Keys' Set You Free:

or chalk graphics for Agesandages' No Nostalgia:

I love the fact that any of these could have been achieved in software, but a physical solution, however time-consuming, was devised instead. Hopefully Cauboyz will never seek to kick their typography habit.

Are there other digital but actually physical videos which have caught your eye?

Link: Cauboyz -- Tumblr