Rian Jonhson's newest film Looper has gotten a bit of coverage on No Film School, from the availability of the script, to Johnson's original sizzle reel, to his interesting in-theater commentary track. While the actual title sequence for the film is a bit different, Antonio Cerra from CRR_NTN and Aetuts+ has taken inspiration from one of the trailers for the film and produced an After Effects tutorial so you can create your very own logo complete with lens flares. Click through to check it out.

Here is the full trailer showing the same logo sequence you'll be creating:

Check out the final product from the Aetuts+ tutorial:

Here is the tutorial:

At the end of this tutorial, you can learn how to draw and animate your own title with After Effects. The actual example of the Looper movie title is just for training purposes, and is not to be used in a final personal project without permission from the original creators.

To find the source files to recreate this tutorial on your own, head on over to the Aetuts+ website using the link below.