Canon_eos1dc_ltop-e1357753594961-224x190If you've been itching to shoot a project on the Canon 1D C in 4K but you need 25fps, it looks like you'll have to wait just a bit longer. Canon officially announced that the firmware would be released in April, but it wasn't clear when exactly it would be coming. Now there is word that we'll get it after NAB, and an image has been released that shows it being tested on the camera with an additional frame rate we've never seen before. We have also been looking forward to the clean HDMI update on the Canon 5D Mark III, which at the moment is still scheduled for sometime this month. Click through for more on both cameras.

I was sent this image on Monday, but a lot of fake information comes through that day, so naturally I was skeptical at first, though this seems like the real deal (click for larger):


While I know there are plenty who will be looking for this in Europe since the TV frame rate is 25p, it's not likely going to persuade any more US owners or renters than it already has (unless, of course, they are shooting content for Europe). While I'm hoping this image is real, another frame rate caught my eye from the image above:


Obviously this would be a huge addition to the camera, and if the image is a fake, it's one of the better fakes I've seen (with a consistent noise pattern throughout). While 1280 x 720 at 120fps may not be coming in the next firmware, it looks like it's definitely being tested. The only Canon camera capable of 120fps is the $26K C500. While the 720p may not be the sharpest in the world, it could still prove exceptionally useful to have all of these frame rates in such a small package. It may be that we never get this frame rate option, but there is no question this is one heck of a sensor.

Some of you were mentioning that you were interested in seeing some tests with the new Canon 5D Mark III clean HDMI firmware, but it looks like we'll have to wait at least a few more days for that, possibly until after NAB. I haven't heard anything other than April as a release date, but it's likely that Canon will either show it off at NAB next week or just simply release it after the exhibits close. Many have remarked that the clean HDMI won't make a huge different in quality, but it will be helpful for color grading or for post-production where you want a more NLE-friendly codec like ProRes or DNxHD. You can certainly shoot green screen with the camera as-is, but 4:2:2 should be better for pulling keys.

We'll update you when Canon officially releases the firmware for both cameras.

Would the 1D C interest you more as a rental with 120fps? How many of you are anxious for the Mark III clean HDMI? How do you plan to utilize it for your productions?