Hexolux-120w-fresnel-led-98-cri-224x154A lot of manufacturers decided to jump in the lighting game this year, while others continue to improv on their existing fixtures. If this year's NAB is any indication, the future of lighting tech has moved away from Tungsten filament and is now firmly in the hands of LED and Plasma technologies. Read on to get a quick overview on all the new offerings.

Manfrotto Spectra Series LED Lighting:


  • Three new 1x1 panels, including Bi-Color, Spot, and Flood
  • Five new on camera units, 5600k
  • Pricing TBD

HexoLux LED Fresnels:


  • CRI 98 (highest in the industry)
  • 120W draw for 1,000W output
  • Modular design, combine lights
  • Pricing info coming next week

KinoFlo Celeb 400:

  • Variable Color Soft LED Panel
  • Twice the size of the previous Celeb 200
  • Shipping soon

Mole Quantum Dot LED Fresnels:

  • Quantum Dot technology
  • Dimmable, no flicker
  • 100w Tweenie equivalent of 650w
  • 150w Baby equivalent of 1k
  • 200w Junior equivalent of 2k

Area 48 Phosphorous LED Soft Lights:

  • CRI 90+
  • Strobe speed setting
  • Phosphorous gas panel acts as diffusion
  • 2x2 available now, ~$2,300

Hive Lighting Plasma PAR line:

  • 275w draw for output of a 4oow HMI
  • Maxi-PAR, Killer 2-Light and Killer 4-Light
  • 540w draw for output of a 1,200w HMI
  • Killer 4 Light, 9 Amp light equivalent of a 9-light
  • PAR-kit for ~$4,795

Cineo TruColor LS:


  • 200w fixture outputs equivalent 1k soft light
  • 400w fixture outputs equivalent 2k soft light
  • Phosphor color panels
  • Available now

K5600 Daylight and Tungsten balanced HMI Lights:

  • New Joker Bug 200
  • New Alpha 200
  • New lightweight AC ballasts
  • 2-Light kit for ~$3,500, available Mid-late Summer

Nila HMI High-Output Varsa LED:


  • 75W consumption for 400w output
  • Long throw
  • V-mount / AB power
  • Extremely durable

I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention the anticipated Zacuto PlaZma Light which debuted last year, and will finally be available late summer 2013. Share your thoughts on these or other lightning technologies below!