NAB-2013-FreshDVEven though NAB is mostly a gear show, new hardware isn't very useful unless it's actually being used to make something. FreshDV had a chance to talk with filmmakers on the show floor about more than just gear, specifically what kinds of story and storytelling they enjoyed the most. Click through to check out the video below.

While I imagine it's kind of a tough question to answer on the spot (similar to: "What's your favorite movie?"), I think it's fascinating to hear the wide range of answers given by the filmmakers. While Hollywood is attempting to dumb down the process of storytelling and lower their chances of failure, new tools (like those unveiled at NAB every year) are actually letting people be more creative and take more chances than ever before. Judging by the varied responses, it's clear that there is plenty of room out there for all kinds of stories.

What kinds of stories do you find most interesting?

Link: FreshDV