Lumetri Color EngineThere are some cool new features in Adobe's revamped lineup of professional video applications. From the new tools in After Effects, to fantastic new noise reduction plugins in Audition, it's safe to say that the Creative Suite has never been more powerful or easier to use. One of the new features that's had me the most excited however, is the integration of Speedgrade's Lumetri Deep Color Engine directly into Premiere Pro, thus making Premiere one of the most powerful NLE's on the market in regards to color correction. Hit the jump for a couple of top-notch tutorials that will get you up to speed with the Lumetri Deep Color Engine and how you can use its magical powers to apply various types of looks directly inside of Premiere.

First, here's a quick rundown on how to use the new Lumetri Effect inside of Premiere Pro from the fine folks over at Infinite Skills:

This tutorial is great for getting started with the Lumetri Effect inside of Premiere, but what if you want to take it to the next level and create your own .look files to apply to your footage? Here's Andrew Devis from Creative Cow with a video on everything you need to know to start creating custom looks in Speedgrade and bringing them into Premiere:

One of the key points hammered home by both of these tutorials is the fact that the Lumetri Effect will not only read the proprietary .look files from Speedgrade, but also other industry standard LUT files. This means that even though the CC versions of Premiere and Speedgrade have only been available for a couple of weeks, there should already be a virtual ocean of LUTs out there that you can immediately apply to your footage.

Of course, a technology like this is going to immediately create a new market for pre-built looks, so keep your eyes out for companies marketing packages of .look files, and be aware that creating these files is extremely easy and you can save yourself some serious dough by building them yourself.

What do you guys think? Does the ability to apply LUTs directly in Premiere change the way you think about the application in regards to its color capabilities? Do you know of any free LUTs for download? Hit us with some opinions and links in the comments!