The new versions of Adobe's creative apps are now live on Creative Cloud, including video-relevant apps like Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, SpeedGrade CC, Audition CC, and more. If you haven't yet taken the plunge and switched to Adobe's new subscription-based service, they're adding a 40% discount to entice you (which brings the $50/month subscription for the entire suite down to $30/month). Here are videos spotlighting new features for every updated video program:

Premiere Pro CC

After Effects CC

Photoshop CC

Audition CC

SpeedGrade CC

Prelude CC

Story CC

For the complete list of Adobe videos showcasing new CC features, here's a full playlist.

Normally this is the place where I issue a warning not to upgrade if you're mid-project and your current program is working fine... lest you be the one to discover a bug. However, it seems that the new CC apps are available separately from the CS6 apps, making it possible to install them alongside your old apps. Along these same lines, if you login to your Application Manager and don't see the new programs, scroll down -- the new CC versions may be listed underneath all of your currently installed CS6 applications.

Anyone working with the new CC apps -- what do you think so far? For more discussion on the pros and cons of subscription software, please see our earlier post.

Link: Creative Cloud — Adobe (See "Special Offers" on the right for discounts for upgraders)