Switronix-FLYPACK_212-croppedSwitronix is no stranger to power solutions for shooters, and they're introducing a brand new scaled-down version of their JetPack for those people who don't need the battery solution, but want a way to power a number of devices from one source. The new FlyPack series should work well for camera setups that are mostly built up, but need the convenience of power management. Click through for some of the FlyPack specs, which includes two versions: the Base and the 212.

Here are the specs for both (shown on the right is the 212):


Size: 3.65" x 3.175" x 1.08”
 0.5 lbs
Power Input : 
4pin 0B Lemo
Included Cable: 
Powertap to 4p 0B Lemo
Input Voltage: 

Outputs on 212:

USB Output: 5V, 1a** (i.e. Redmote, Tascam DR-05, other USB device)
LEMO 2-pin(0B): 
5v, 2.5a (i.e. Zoom, AJA)
LEMO 4-pin(0B): 12v, 2.5a.  Includes two 12v outputs. (i.e. Blackmagic, 12v accessories)

Outputs on Base:

USB Output: 5V1a** (i.e. Redmote, Tascam DR-05, other USB device)
LEMO 2-pin(0B): 
5v, 2.5a (i.e. Zoom, AJA)
LEMO 3-pin(0B): 
7.2v, 2.5a (i.e. HDV Cameras, DSLRs)
LEMO 4-pin(0B): 
12v, 2.5a (i.e. Blackmagic, 12v accessories)

Mounting Points: Three 1/4-20 threads on back

With more devices hanging off cameras than ever, if you're using a higher-end battery solution, like V-mount or Gold-mount batteries, it only makes sense that you would want to power everything from that one battery. For example, if you have a monitor and external recorder hanging off your camera, having three separate batteries for all three devices can get a bit unwieldy, but something like the FlyPack All-In-One Power distributor can help makes things that much cleaner and simpler so you aren't driving yourself crazy trying to keep multiple sets of batteries charged.

I personally really like that Switronix is using Lemo connectors for this as well as for the JetPack. Most professionals are probably familiar with them, but for those who don't know it's just a higher-quality connection than your standard power plug.

Neither are available to buy just yet, but the MSRP is $219 for both. Check out more information about both of them and see what else Switronix has cooking over on their website.


Disclosure: Switronix is a No Film School advertiser.