Bill and Turner Ross, the filmmaking team behind Tchoupitoulas and 45365, now turn their cameras to the set of David Lowery's mini-epic Ain't Them Bodies Saintswhich opened in 20 theaters this week. This is one of the most meditative behind the scenes documentaries I've ever seen, and one that welcomely breathes a little life to those in-between moments on set. If you're a filmmaker, you're extremely liable to enjoy this. Hit the jump to learn more.

David Lowery is an independent filmmaker and contributor to various film-related publications including IFP and Hammer To Nail. As a director, Ain't Them Bodies Saints is Lowery's second feature film, after St. Nick. As an editor, he's also been busy, cutting both 2012's Sun Don't Shine and 2013's Upstream Color.

Lowery, a fan of the Ross Brothers' work, commissioned them to make this documentary. To obtain full enjoyment, one must surrender to its slow, nascent pace, which to me really does capture the feeling of being on a set. To hear the emotions of the crew as a shot is completed, that familiar human togetherness. Audibly, the people involved with Ain't Them Bodies Saints were really passionate about making the film, and even though it might not have been created with marketing as its main impetus, it definitely makes me want to see the film more.

Watch the Ross brothers' 13-minute documentary below:


On the subject of this unorthodox doc, Kentucker Audley (an actor in the film) had this to say:

"The idea here was to transcend the standard behind-the-scenes doc. (usually created out of obligation & with little creativity) and impart the same artistry & ethos they [the Ross Brothers] bring to their own films. It's about an atmosphere and music and a group of people working on something ambitious."

To find out if the film is playing near you, check out their website, which, by the way, is definitely one of the better looking tumblr blogs for a film I've seen.

What did you think about this doc? Are you looking forward to Ain't Them Bodies Saints? Let's talk about it in the comments below.