We got a little tease of the Digital Bolex D16 RAW camera earlier in the week, and some were quite concerned with the small amount of footage being released (though they were very clear that more was coming later in the week). That later in the week is here, and the team over at Digital Bolex is now releasing a massive amount of footage for you to play around with (around 10GB worth). Click through to watch the streaming samples first, and some behind the scenes.

Here was the setup and the gear they used:

Camera: Digital Bolex (July 3 model)
Lights: (1) 4-bank Kino
Gear: (1) Small HD EVF, (1) Zacuto Follow Focus, (1) Switronix Powerbase-70

Format: 2k CinemaDNG (2048x1152) at 24FPS
Processing: Raw Photo Processor default transcode settings
Color Correction: None

I am noticing some extra motion blur in these shots, but without knowing the original shutter angle it's tough to know why that is. I have to imagine the shutter was more open for these shots than you might normally use with this camera. Otherwise, there is an absolutely gorgeous quality about the images, something that's hard to put your finger on (though it could partially be related to the camera's global shutter). Granted, in RAW you can do almost anything you like with the images, but not all sensors are created equal, as the color filter array (CFA) that actually gives you color images with digital sensors can vary quite a bit manufacturer to manufacturer. The Kodak global shutter CCD sensor in this camera is very similar to the one used in the Ikonoskop, so it's no wonder you can do a lot with this footage.

They also shot a bit of behind the scenes:

If you read the post over on their website, they said there are still some bugs to work out in the firmware before the camera is ready. They are making sure that the camera is not a beta release in any way, which hasn't always been the case with certain camera makers over the last few years.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Digital Bolex website and download the uncompressed RAW footage for yourself. Feel free to share your color grades in the comments.

Link: The D16 in the Wild -- Digital Bolex