This is the first of our behind-the-scenes series on the slow-motion, live-burn fire shoot Let Me Know When You See Fire, shot on a Phantom Flex4K.

When you're recording 16GB a second -- yes, I said sixteen gigabytes -- you're only going to be able to capture a few sections of action at a time. This is the price we pay for having amazing cameras like the Phantom Flex4K, which shoots 1,000 FPS at full 4K resolution. You'd better get your staging, choreography, and framing right at these data rates!

If you didn't catch the Flex4K camera demo when it first dropped -- though judging by the numbers, plenty of you did (it has 600K views) -- here it is:

Director Brendan Bellomo and DP Greg Wilson (whose work you can also see in my own short) explain the kinds of things to keep in mind when you're shooting at high speed -- not to mention when you're shooting a live-burn fire.

They shot on a prototype camera, but it is worth noting that the production version is now available (to rent, not buy -- that is, unless you've got $140,000 burning a hole in your pocket). It is only appropriate that, for this piece, our behind-the-scenes footage itself is also in slow-mo: