The first D16 cameras have been finished and are shipping to Kickstarter backers this week, but that doesn't mean the folks at Digital Bolex are done. They are ramping up production beyond just crowdfunding backers, and will be opening up pre-sales for a new batch of 500 cameras starting Monday, December 16th, at 10AM. The good news doesn't stop there, not only can you get in line, but you can also save $100 on that order with an exclusive No Film School discount code.

Here is what you'll need to do before you can order a new camera (from their previous post):

You will need to be logged in as a member of the site in order to make a purchase, so if you plan to buy a camera, but do not already have a user account, please create an account here on our site before December 16th to ensure an easy checkout.

There are two versions of the camera that will be officially going on pre-sale Monday, December 16th, at 10AM EST:

  • Digital Bolex D16 with 256GB Internal SSD: $3,300
  • Digital Bolex D16 with 512GB Internal SSD: $3,600

To save $100 off a new pre-sale, this is the discount code you'll be using: nfsreader13

Since the camera shoots RAW, in order to ensure write speeds and compatibility, there is an internal SSD that records the footage. It can then be transferred to off-the-shelf CF cards in the camera itself, or with a USB 3.0 cable from the camera to a computer. The process of transferring to CF cards is eventually going to be something that happens in the background and automatically can span to new cards when you go over the limit, but you'll be able to shoot about 82 minutes of 2K footage at 24fps with the 512GB version, and half that for the 256GB version. To me, if you're going to be getting one, the 512GB model makes more sense long-term as the internal drive is not user replaceable.

We're going to be posting footage as well as a review sometime in the next week, so stay tuned.

Head on over to the Digital Bolex website to sign up for a user account if you want to order when the pre-sale goes live on Monday, and be sure to use the code nfsreader13 to save $100 off the purchase of either camera version.

Link: The D16 Ships This Week! — Digital Bolex