The Digital Bolex D16 camera was wildly successful when it launched on Kickstarter back in March 2012, blowing past its funding goal in just a matter of hours. It's been a long development process with 100s of improvements made to the camera, and now it's finally going to be in the hands of shooters within the next week. If you missed the Kickstarter, and you'd like to get your hands on one, they will officially be opening up pre-orders for the camera starting next week. Check below for more details.

The evolution of the D16:


Here is what Joe and Elle from Digital Bolex said over on the website:

We’re pleased to announce that the Digital Bolex D16 will begin shipping to backers starting this week. If you are a backer, we will contact you shortly to verify your shipping addresses and contact details, so please make sure that emails from will clear your spam filter.

For those of you who are not backers but are interested in purchasing a camera, we are also announcing our first official pre-sale for the next 500 cameras! This pre-sale will open on December 16th at 10am EST through our website with a retail price of $3,299 for a 256 GB camera, and $3599 for the 512 GB camera. Stay tuned for the official pre-sale link which we’ll be announcing here later in the week.

We've seen some really impressive images coming out of the camera (which uses a Super 16mm CCD sensor), and there have been even more image improvements since footage has been posted. Some minor things are still being worked out before the cameras go out the door, but we're pleased to say that No Film School is going to be reviewing a finished camera, and we'll hopefully be posting footage sometime next week.

There is also going to be a special discount code just for No Film School readers, so stay tuned for later in the week if you'd like to save a little money on a D16 pre-order.

For more information on how the pre-order is going to work, check out the post over on the Digital Bolex site.

Link: The D16 Ships This Week! -- Digital Bolex