If you haven't seen David Fincher's Fight Club, it's probably a good idea to either watch it right now or stop reading this post immediately. Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden in the film, and while there are a few glimpses without him in the movie, we've got almost a whole scene with his character removed. The creator, Richard Trammell, has also a new video that he just released along the same theme of unreliable narrators, showing a scene from The Shining without Delbert Grady (you should probably watch that one, too, if you haven't).

Richard Trammell's newest video is the same technique used on Stanley Kubrick's film:

A follow-up to the Fight Club scene. I decided to keep Grady's voice audible on this one, since his existence is a bit murkier than TD's in Fight Club. That and I really love Philip Stone's voice and would have hated to lose it. I also avoided cutting to his close-up so as not to have shots of "nothing" interspersed.

And the original scene:

Removing objects from scenes is now routine in films, but it's interesting to see what the movies might have looked like if we could have been spectators in the room with the real characters. In both of those films, we're never really sure if what we're seeing is truly happening in the same way, so it's interesting to see the scenes with those characters completely removed (even though Fight Club does devote a bit of screen time showing you what Edward Norton's character is really seeing).

Check out more from Richard over on his Vimeo page.

Link: Richard Trammell -- Vimeo