I don't know about you, but I'm always frustrated when I get excited about a good movie at a festival, only to see the film descend into the bowels of obscurity after distribution dead-ends. Why is it so hard for anyone but a handful of good independent films to make their way onto my screen at home? After a year of hard work, I am excited to see the atmospheric, underdog film Hide Your Smiling Faces finally making it somewhere. Around this time last year, director Daniel Patrick Carbone sat down with No Film School over Skype. Checkout our original interview below, and find out where you can download the film now!

New since the last time we spoke to Daniel Carbone, here is the trailer for Hide Your Smiling Faces:

Vimeo trailer for those who can't watch the one on YouTube:

The following interview was done with Daniel Patrick Carbone from his Brooklyn apartment, and he talks about numerous aspects of making Hide Your Smiling Faces, from not yelling with the camera to not knowing if anyone would ever watch the finished product. Not to mention, we also look at a short clip from the film! Take a peak, and take your pick on where you'd like to see the film from the list at the bottom.

Congratulations and good luck, Daniel!

If you'd like to read the original article where this interview appeared, go here. Most importantly, here's where you can download a copy of Hide Your Smiling Faces:

Also, check out the HYSF site for a full list of where the film will be screening theatrically. The film opens in New York this weekend, and has a handful of other theaters across the US where you can see it.

What do you think about Carbone's shooting style of trusting in the master shot? Anyone else been waiting for Hide Your Smiling Faces or another good independent flick to finally come out?

Link: Hide Your Smiling Faces -- Official Site