Shanks studiosJust because you don't have a whole lot of cash or space doesn't mean that you can't have a highly functional studio. In this video by DIY special effects guru Joey Shanks, we're taken inside his garage-turned-filmmaking-studio and shown the inexpensive tools and items that he uses to make his studio an effective and efficient place to work, as well as a bunch of tips and tricks on how to make the most of what little you may have.

For a lot of us, our studios, at one point, consisted of a single shelf and a tiny rectangle of floor space inside our bedroom closets, and a desk littered with coffee mugs, empty soda cans, and take-out boxes. If that's you right now (it's totally me right now, too), you'll be happy to know that you're grossly underestimating the potential of your space, as well as how far your limited means can take you.

In the video below, Joey Shanks shows us how he turned his detached garage into a great place to work on films using inexpensive DIY solutions, proving himself to be the master of DIY filmmaking -- seriously. He shares clever tips and tricks, like making key-chain sized rolls of gaffer's tape, storing external hard drives in a fireproof safe, and what pieces of gear to look out for at thrift shops. Granted, the space he uses in the video may not be available to you due to lack of space/funds (Duramax sells a similar garage/storage shed for $2,000 -- ouch), but these tricks can be used wherever you set up shop.

What tips and tricks did you find most helpful in Joey Shanks' video? Feel free to share your own DIY studio solutions in the comments below (please!!!).

[via Shanks FX]