Video thumbnail for youtube video Creating Cinematic Music for Your Film - No Film SchoolWhile there are plenty of services out there that aim to give you quality music at an affordable price, sometimes the right piece just isn't out there for the video project you're working on. Creating your own music has been getting easier and easier over the last decade, and if you don't necessarily have a background in music, knowing what certain sounds and samples can do for a specific piece can be extremely helpful. Luke Neumann of Neumann Films has been working on a sci-fi film called The Beacon that benefits from custom cinematic music, and he takes us through his process in the video below:

There are more and more resources every day going over not just how music and sound design are created, but why one technique might be used over another and how that will affect the way an audience experiences the piece. The video above is just a small part of a longer BTS video which contains over an hour of material that Luke has put together detailing the entire filmmaking process of the first episode -- from pre-production all the way through post-production. You can see a table of contents of that material here:


Here is a sneak peek of that BTS video, which you can buy here for $10:

And the first episode in The Beacon series:

Link: Creating The Beacon -- Episode I -- Neumann Films