I've written previously about my experience producing, distributing and promoting my feature films The Graduates, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn and Drinking Games, and written about the emerging digital landscape for indie filmmakers. One thing I haven't covered, however, are some of the super-specific, yet far-reaching promotions we undertook to bring new eyeballs to these films, and the net results of that work. So, I decided to put the five best promotions we did for my debut feature, The Graduates into a clear, concise eBook entitled The Free Soundtrack: The Top Five Ways To Sell Your Film On A $0 Marketing Budget, for you, my fellow filmmakers, to download for free.

In TFS you will see a mix of online and in-person promotions that netted us over 20,000 email addresses, sold thousands of DVD's, led us to debut as the #1 comedy on Hulu, and have kept us in the top 15 comedies on Hulu for over five years. All this, without an A-list name or a distribution deal.

One thing you'll certainly notice -- promoting a film is a ton of work, but if you're willing to put in the time, the rewards are often great: the ability to make your next film, a truly engaged audience, money, so I hope you find the eBook helpful and empowering. You may not connect with every idea, but I sincerely believe that at least one will spark something in you, and be applicable to the upcoming release of your short, feature, music video or album. You can download The Free Soundtrack here.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and I'll keep an eye on the comments section below for any feedback and/or questions. Feel free to reach out, I love talking shop.

Oh, and please feel free to download the soundtrack to my movie The Graduates for free here.

Link: The Free Soundtrack download