DJI_RoninWe've had our eye on DJI's 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, the Ronin, since it made its mark at NAB. It comes with some exciting features not found in other gimbals within the same price range (even in the impressive but expensive MōVI), like its 3 operational modes; “Upright”, “Underslug”, and “Briefcase”. If you thought the Ronin was out of your price range, you might want to jump at the chance to snag it at a seriously discounted price while you can.

In case you missed our previous posts on the Ronin, here are the specs:

  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal system
  • Supports a multitude of cameras and lenses (from micro four-thirds to RED EPIC sized)
  • Simple 5-minute setup and balance
  • Built-in tool-less balance adjustment system
  • Built-in receive and remote control available
  • Mobile Bluetooth assistant software
  • Based on DJI Zenmuse technology
  • Gimbal tuning stand
  • Firmware upgradable

The Ronin can support all sorts of cameras, from smaller DSLRs to larger cameras like the RED EPIC (up to 16 lbs).

And here are a few videos to show you what it's capable of:

The Ronin originally went on pre-sale last week for $4,499, but now it's being offered for $2,999 on B&H. That's still a lot of cash to spend on a stabilizer (comparatively not, though), but it's definitely much more doable for all of you budget filmmakers looking for something versatile (and less expensive than the $15K MōVI). The Ronin will begin shipping in August.

Link: DJI Ronin -- B&H