To follow-up from last week's 2014 Outfest kickoff, the festival has released a few more interviews from their Meet the Filmmakers series. Outfest asked me to conduct some interviews with some of this year's filmmakers, allowing a glimpse into the minds of some really interesting directors working today. Including interviews with Marina Rice Bader, Jack Plotnick and Desiree Akhavan, and a compilation video of all their advice for other independent filmmakers.

First, check out advice from the 2014 Outfest filmmakers:

Space Station 76 with Jack Plotnick:

Appropriate Behavior with Desiree Akhavan:

Anatomy of a Love Seen with Marina Rice Bader:

Which advice from the ring rings true for you? What do you think about Outfest's video series? Share your thoughts and comments, and any advice you'd like to add down below.

Link: Outfest 2014