If your film work consists of a lot of wedding, music, or experimental videos, you probably include a good amount of stylistic light leaks and lens flares to add a little more panache to match the emotional nature of your material. However, if you or your clients are like the Chotchkie's Manager from Office Space and want just a little more flair, RodyPolis has a collection of over 100 HD leaks and flare overlays called Lens FX Prism that are not only organic, but reasonably priced.

Okay, so you can definitely find a bunch of great overlays online, be they flares, leaks, grains, or whatever. However, many times you get what you pay for (flat, poorly designed -- essentially overlays that look like overlays). One of the great features of Lens FX Prism is that all of the light leaks and flares were created organically in-camera instead of being computer generated, so they offer a more natural look and feel.

Here's what RodyPolis has to say about their overlay package:

Lens FX Prism is a stock footage package from FX creator RodyPolis. The pack contains over 100 real light leaks and lens flare overlays that are compatible with all NLEs that support Blending Modes. Simply drag and drop the light leaks over your footage for a stylized look in seconds! These work great for music videos, montages, wedding videos, and even photos.


Here are its features:

  • 70 HD Light Leaks and Flares
  • 30 Stills for Photography
  • 60 Bonus “Alpha Kit” Effects
  • Works with all NLEs that support Blending Modes such as Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, Vegas, etc.
  • Instant Download delivery
  • Only $39

The overview video below should tell you pretty much everything there is to know about Lens FX Prism:

If you're interested in learning more about RodyPolis' collection of stock light leaks and flares, head on over to the product page.

Link: Lens FX Prism -- RodyPolis