The first open source 4K Super 35mm camera recently blew past its crowdfunding goal to the tune of almost €175K, and also managed to meet all of the requirements for stretch goals as well, which includes a remote control for operating the camera, an active Canon EF mount, battery mount, and an option for 4K RAW recording.

What's an open source camera? If you haven't been following, the software of this camera will be completely open, and anyone will be able to develop for it. For example, Magic Lantern, the team of coders who have brought terrific third-party features to Canon cameras, is offering their support, so there will be plenty of development and constant updates and new features.

Here's a look at the stats for their campaign:

Apertus Axiom Indiegogo Contributions

Here's what Sebastian from Apertus said about getting an Axiom after the crowdfunding campaign has closed:

As we received countless emails from people who missed the end of the campaign we decided to extend the AXIOM Beta Super35 at-cost-voucher for an additional two weeks for a €500 development contribution plus the estimated €2300 when it ships. This will be the 5th batch of Super35 cameras with an ETA of August 2015. While all transactions will be handled via Indiegogo’s “forever funding” program, don’t be misled, as this offer ends on October 23rd. After that the next chance to acquire an AXIOM Beta will be Fall 2015 (ETA) when it goes on sale retail.

If you missed it, this is some of their sample footage:

You can find more info over on their Indiegogo page, and have until October 23rd to back the campaign to get a camera early with a discount.

Source: Apertus Indiegogo