Convergent Design's Odyssey 7Q was one of the first really affordable 4K recorders, and it's now available for $500 off for a limited time, which brings its price down to $1,800. Combined with the now price-reduced $6,000 FS700, you've got relatively inexpensive 4K RAW, as well as 4K ProRes which is coming in a future firmware update (it should be here this month, but there is already an interesting mode that gives you 4K downscaled to HD ProRes in-camera).

For more on the 7.7" 1280 x 800 recorder, which is also capable of recording Canon C500 RAW and ArriRAW (as well as any camera with a clean output), here was our interview with Mitch Gross from NAB:

If you're wondering what quality the 7Q with the FS700 can give you, this Conan spot was shot with that setup:

The recorder is available from B&H, but their stores are currently closed, so it won't be shipping for another week when they open up again on Sunday, October 19th.

Source: Odyssey 7Q — B&H