Andrew Reid recently put the Samsung NX1 to the test in a lengthy review over on EOSHD. He also managed to shoot a comparison video which compared the NX1 to a few other cameras including the GH4 and the 5D3. The results of these videos speak for themselves.

Here's what Andrew had to say about how he shot the above videos, as well as his overall impressions of the NX1:

The Samsung NX1 is perhaps the best 4K internal interchangeable lens camera on the market for shooting in good light. Unfortunately I had in Berlin only cloud-light for this shoot and a rather cheap NX kit zoom with a slow aperture. Even then, the results are impressive. The studio test scene was shot using a Canon EOS mount adapter to Samsung NX mount. Lenses - Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 (on all cameras). The GH4 used a Nikon mount Speed Booster to magically become Super 35mm / APS-C like the NX1. I prefer the colour in good light on the NX1 to all the other cameras, and resolution is spectacular. I also prefer it to raw on the 5D Mark III. Thank you, H.265.

Based on the above videos, the NX1 can produce images with an incredible amount of detail, surpassing even the incredibly sharp GH4. What impresses me even more than the detail and resolution of the NX1, however, is the naturalistic color that it produces. It's extremely clean and balanced for the most part, and the skin tones that are in these videos look extremely nice. On the other hand, this is very clearly not a low light camera, despite having a larger sensor than the GH4 and a more advanced codec. Ultimately, the jury is still out on the NX1, and it likely will be until we see how it performs with an external recorder like the Shogun.

Make sure to head on over to EOSHD to read the full review of the NX1, as Andrew has some great insights into where this camera will fit into the current landscape of 4K mirrorless cameras.

The Samsung NX1 is currently available for pre-order from B&H.

Source: EOSHD